At LIFESmiles Dental, we proudly offer tooth extractions to help you restore your oral health. Dr. Garpetti and Dr. Elliott currently provide permanent tooth extractions and wisdom tooth extractions to give you the best change at having a successful and dependable oral cavity.

A tooth extraction in Boise, Idaho, is needed when:

  • You have a severely decayed tooth
  • You have a crowded mouth
  • You have a high risk of infection
  • You suffer from infection
  • You are a victim of periodontal disease

A wisdom tooth extraction is needed when:

  • Your jaw is not large enough for the additional teeth
  • There is a chance of having impacted teeth
  • You are prone to infection
  • Damage to your bone and other teeth is inevitable
  • Your teeth have a high chance at growing into your mouth in awkward angles

When you have extracted a tooth, your dentist strongly recommends resting for the next couple of days. During this time we ask that you continually place a gauze pad onto the affected area to reduce swelling and stop the bleeding. You can switch the pad out for a new one once the pad is full of blood. We also strongly recommend that you refrain from using straws and eating hard foods.

Is it time to extract a tooth from your mouth? Call our office today and set up an appointment!