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If you are worried about tooth decay destroying your smile, we are happy to
suggest dental sealants! Dental sealants are great treatments that can cover
your teeth and block any harmful substance that threatens it.

To help you know more about dental sealants, we have provided the answers to
the following questions:

Who should get sealants?
Children are generally encouraged to get sealants, but adults are more than
welcome to as well. As long as the adult does not have tooth decay or dental
fillings in the teeth needing the sealant, we are more than happy to protect
their teeth with this product.

How are sealants applied?
First, your dentist will thoroughly clean and dry the tooth that is
receiving the sealant. Then, they will roughen the surface with an acidic
solution. This will help the sealant bond to the tooth. Next, your dentist
will rinse and dry your tooth once again. Finally, they will paint the
sealant onto the surface of the tooth and will harden it with a special

How long do sealants last?
Typically, sealants can last up to 10 years, but they will need to be
checked at every checkup. If necessary, your dentist will replace the
sealant with a new one.

If you are interested in protecting your smile with a dental sealant, call
our office now at 208-377-2160 and schedule an appointment with Dr.
Dennis Garpetti. Our LIFESmiles Dental team will be thrilled to help you easily
and successfully protect your smile!