Is It Safe To See A Dentist?

dental concerns boise idThe COVID-19 pandemic has raised a variety of different concerns, one being the safety of seeking out your necessary dental care. At LIFESmiles, we want our patients to know that they are safe when visiting our office. Dr Garpetti is pleased to provide an environment of clean air for staff, patients and guests. For your health, safety and comfort we are utilizing the technologies of Surgically Clean Air to continually clean, purify and re-energize every cubic foot of air in our Boise, ID dental practice. Learn more about this technology below:

Surgically Clean Air

We’ve always made patient safety a priority in our office. Our office operates under strict patient safety and infection control policies to ensure that each patient is cared for and protected at the same time. To best ensure patient safety during this time, we have installed Surgical Air Purifiers in all our operatories. These circulate all the air in the room every 15 minutes and eliminate any viruses or bacteria.

How does this benefit our patients?

In dental practices, a main health and safety concern is the amount of particles that spread through the air when you are receiving your necessary dental procedures. Air filtration is important to ensure that these particles do not spread around the office to other patients or staff members. Surgically Clean Air technology removes particles including Odors, Gases, Mold, Allergens, and Viruses. It also sterilizes the air and re-energizes it to give patients a healthy environment in which to receive high-quality dental care.

Surgically Clean Air is a top-of-the-line, thorough, and effective way to maintain the air purity within our practice. This system reduces the risk of cross-contamination, exposure to allergens, and the growth of dangerous microbes. It allows us to go above and beyond during this time in which we all need to be extra careful regarding our health and safety.

Is Surgically Clean Air quiet?

Yes, Surgically Clean Air purifiers are quiet. They should not distract or annoy you at any point during your appointment. At most, the technology makes the background noise equivalent to a dishwasher. This technology was created with a Sound Dampening Design that provides clean, surgically sterile air without excessive noise.

Enjoy A Breath of Fresh Air

We know that sitting in the dental chair is stressful enough without a pandemic raging on. Our Boise, Idaho dental office is committed to giving our patients the excellent dental care they deserve while always keeping their health and safety in mind. That’s why our doctors have invested in new air purification systems. We want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your dental procedures without worrying about air contagions. If you have any questions about our improved patient safety and infection control policies, don’t be afraid to contact us with questions or concerns. Otherwise, please schedule your next dental appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon.