Single Dental ImplantBoise, ID

If you are missing a tooth, you have several options. The option that most dentists do not recommend is to not do anything. A single missing tooth can create additional problems for your oral health. The surrounding teeth may begin to move towards the gap, the underlying bone will begin to deteriorate, and your bite can even change. If your bite is affected, this can lead to a painful TMJ disorder.

Replacing your missing tooth is recommended for functionality, aesthetic purposes, and health reasons. LIFESmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers several options at their dentist office in West Boise, Idaho to replace a missing tooth. A single dental implant is the best option available. This involves placing a dental implant in the jaw bone and capping it with a dental crown.

Single Dental Implant Boise, ID

Single Dental Implant

An implant supported crown is the best method to replace a single tooth. It will work for any tooth too, even a front tooth. It involves surgically inserting a dental implant into the jaw bone then attaching a dental crown to the implant. The crown is custom made in a dental lap from measurements and dental impressions so it will blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile.

The implant fixture will fuse with the surrounding jaw bone creating a very strong base to secure a crown. This allows it to withstand normal chewing pressure so you can eat a normal diet. The implant will also serve a replacement tooth root. This will prevent the underlying bone from deteriorating.

What are my other options?

While an implant supported crown is the best option, it is also the most expensive and will take the longest to complete. Also, if you are not in good oral health or do not have enough bone to support the implant, you may not qualify for that solution. If that is the case, we offer two other solutions.

Dental Bridge

A fixed dental bridge is made of a dental crown, then the false tooth (the pontic), and then another dental crown, all fused together. Your dentist will have to file down the two teeth that are adjacent to the gap to accommodate it. The crowns are cemented to those prepared teeth to secure the dental bridge. While this is a great solution for a missing tooth, it does require permanently damaging two healthy teeth to replace a single tooth.

Partial Denture

A partial denture to replace a single tooth is never recommended as a long term solution. Most dentists will only use it temporarily however sometimes it is necessary for aesthetic purposes.

Why Choose an Implant Supported Crown?

Neither the fixed bridge nor partial denture will prevent bone loss in the jaw. This means over the years, the bone will slowly deteriorate and facial sagging will occur. Patients typically have to deal with premature aging as a result. Also, as bone loss occurs, the bridge or denture fit will change. You will have to get a new one entirely. This cost will add up and may even exceed the cost of an implant supported crown. It is very easy to care for one as well. You will simply treat it like a natural tooth.

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