Dental Implant Process Boise, ID

Dr. Dennis Garpetti and Dr. Brock Hyder work together to provide patients with quality dental implants. If you qualify for dental implants, our expert team will create a personalized treatment plan. Our dentist office is located in Boise, ID and every step of the implant process will take place here. From the consultation to the surgical implantation to securing the restoration, we perform every step in our office. You never have to visit a specialist or another dentist office. Most patients complete the implant process in less than 6 months, however it can take longer.

Dental Implant Process in Boise, Idaho

Steps in the Dental Implant Process

Dental Implant Consultation

The first step in the process is the consultation. You will meet with your dentist for a full exam. Afterwards, they will discuss your options and plan out your entire treatment. Your dentist will need to determine if you qualify for dental implants. A good candidate will have enough jaw bone structure to support the implant fixtures. You must not have any major oral health issues such as gum disease. A well laid out treatment plan will ensure good results.


If we determine you need certain treatments before we can place the dental implants, we will complete these first. This may include a bone graft if you suffer from bone loss in the jaw. We may also need to do gum disease therapy or tooth extractions before placing your dental implants. If you do not require any pre-treatments, then we will schedule your dental implant surgery immediately following the consultation.

Dental Implants Placement

Your dentist will surgically place the dental implants from the comforts of our Boise, ID dentist office. During this procedure, we will use sedation dentistry for your comfort. The dentist will carefully place the implants in the predetermined location along the arch. Then they will cover the implants back up to allow them to heal and fuse with the jaw bone. This process is called osseointegration and takes about three to six months. We will fit you for a temporary dental restoration during this time so you will not have to go without teeth.

Placing the Abutment

After your dental implants are fully fused with to the bone, then your dentist will place the abutments. The dentist will uncover the implants to secure them. This involves another minor procedure. The soft tissues will need about another two weeks to heal before we can secure the permanent dental restoration.

Placement of the Dental Restoration

The last step in the process is to secure your permanent dental restoration. Your dentist will secure a dental crown to a single dental implant to replace one missing tooth. If you are missing multiple teeth, the dentist will use two or more dental implants to secure a dental bridge or denture. Your new dental restoration will look natural and function like real teeth.

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Dr. Dennis Garpetti and Dr. Brock Hyder are expert dentists that perform all phases of the implant process from their office in Boise, ID. Call (208) 254-6365 today to schedule your appointment. We will help you replace your missing teeth with a dental implant restoration.