Crooked Teeth Boise, ID

Crooked teeth affect the appearance and the health of your smile. Many patients will ignore minor misalignment of a few teeth for many years unaware of the oral health consequences. Straightening a crooked smile not only boost self-confidence, it can eliminate discomfort and improve oral health. Crooked teeth are one of the dental concerns that many people have, but they don’t know where to turn.

crooked teeth dental health concern boise id

LIFESmiles offers cosmetic treatment options for aligning crooked teeth. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your tooth alignment, jaw, and overall oral health to determine which treatment will achieve your best result. We look to address the underlying functional issues in order to provide lasting and stable smiles.

Patients with crooked teeth are often prone to secondary dental health concerns. Crooked teeth can be difficult to thoroughly clean and may result in higher instances of tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque and tartar can be challenging to remove from crooked teeth and allowing bacteria to form and spread.

Crooked teeth may also be the underlying cause of TMJ, a chronic pain condition that affects the health and function of the jaw. For some patients, straightening crooked teeth may alleviate the painful symptoms associated with TMJ. Straightening crooked teeth and addressing malocclusion brings the jaw into proper alignment and releases tension on the delicate joint.


Clear Correct is a clear aligner system designed to straighten crooked teeth discreetly and comfortably. Using customized plastic aligners, ClearCorrect gradually and gently shifts teeth into proper alignment.

ClearCorrect allows teen and adult patients to address malocclusion or mild to moderate misalignment without the discomfort or interference of traditional metal braces. Clear aligners are less abrasive and are removable allowing for consistent and thorough oral hygiene during use.

Cosmetic Solutions for Crooked Teeth

For patients with a single crooked tooth, or with misalignment that does not affect the health or function of the bite, there may be cosmetic alternatives to improving the appearance of the smile.  Cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers or dental crowns can address minor tooth misalignment without orthodontics. Cosmetic solutions create an aesthetic and balanced smile.

Your LIFESmiles dentist will discuss all of your treatment options with you and help you choose the option that is best suited to your unique oral health needs and personal goals.


Straightening your teeth at any age can help boost self-confidence and improve oral health. If you have crooked teeth are looking for a solution, contact LIFESmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Boise, ID at (208) 254-6365.