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LIFESmiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers several restorative dentistry treatments to replace missing teeth, including dentures in Boise, ID. Tooth loss is a result of gum disease, tooth decay, and injuries. No matter how you lose your teeth, Dr. Garpetti and Dr Hyder can use dentures to restore your smile. There are many types of dentures to choose from, including full dentures, partial dentures, and denture implants.

Dentists have used this type of dental restoration for many years to restore full arches of missing teeth. Due to advancements in dental technology, dentures appear more natural-looking than ever before. We can design a set of dentures that will fit on your jaw comfortably and function like your natural teeth.

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Missing one or more teeth can affect both your oral health and your confidence. Missing teeth can affect the biting, speaking, and chewing function, which can impact your quality of life. Restoring missing teeth can improve your oral health and restore your confidence. Finding the right tooth replacement solution can change your appearance and promote a healthier smile.

At LIFESmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we utilize advanced technology and state of the art materials to craft natural looking dentures. We take specific measures to ensure the lab designs dentures to fit comfortably and securely in the mouth.

Why You Should Never Ignore Missing Teeth

Replacing your missing teeth is important for both your oral health and your overall well-being. Once a tooth is gone, the underlying bone will begin to deteriorate. Over time, this will become obvious and your face will appear sunken or collapsed in. Many people with missing teeth often have deep wrinkles around their mouths and look much older than they are.

It is also very difficult to bite and chew food with missing teeth. This limits your diet to only soft foods or foods that are easy to bite and chew. Gaps in your smile can also lower your self-confidence. Smiling or speaking publicly can be embarrassing. Replacing missing teeth will help you bite, chew, and speak better, as well as give you a boost in your confidence.

Types of Dentures

The type of denture you need is based on how many teeth you are missing and the desired aesthetics. You will meet with one of our dentists for a consultation to determine which denture will work best for you.

Full Dentures

Full or complete dentures contain an acrylic base with false teeth attached to it. It sits on the gums and relies on suction or adhesive to remain in place. Full dentures are meant to replace a whole arch of teeth. We can custom-make them to fit perfectly in your mouth and look natural. Removable traditional full dentures are often challenging to adjust to. They often feel bulky, and you will need to learn how to eat and speak while wearing them.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are similar to full dentures. However, they only replace several teeth on an arch instead of all the teeth on the arch. They are for patients who still have healthy teeth remaining on an arch. The framework has metal brackets that will attach to the remaining healthy teeth to help hold it in place.

We can design your partial with false teeth that will fill in the gaps in your smile. A traditional partial denture is removable. It will look natural and blend in with the surrounding teeth. However, this puts stress on the remaining teeth to hold the restoration in place.

Implant Secured Dentures

For a more stable solution, you can use dental implants to support a partial or full denture. With this solution, your dentist will surgically place about 2-8 implant fixtures into the jawbone. Over a period of a few months, the bone and implants will fuse together. If needed, your dentist may provide a temporary dental prosthetic while your implant heals. After about 3-6 months, the implants are stable enough to secure the denture. Your dentist will carefully attach your custom designed denture the dental implants.

Implant-secured dentures can provide patients with a stable, natural-looking solution for their missing teeth. They will also serve as the missing teeth roots to support bone retention and help stabilize the jaw. Implant-secured dentures are less likely to slip, allowing patients to speak and chew without worry. With implant-secured dentures, patients can enjoy a comfortable, long-lasting tooth replacement option.

After a full comprehensive exam, Drs. Garcetti and Hyder will determine if implant-secured dentures are right for you. It is important that patients be in good health, have good oral health, and have enough bone structure to support the implants. We offer complete dental implant services in Boise, ID, for patients missing most or all of their teeth on the top or bottom arch.

Implant Secured Dentures in Boise, ID

Benefits of Implant Secured Dentures:

  • No slippage
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Prevents bone retention
  • Helps prevent facial sagging due to missing teeth
  • Minimizes shrinkage in the lower face

Adjusting to Wearing Dentures

If you place something foreign in your mouth, it will take some time to adjust to it. For most patients, it will take some time to adjust to and this requires some time and patience. At first, they may feel uncomfortable and even cause sores. However, as you adjust, you will slowly become accustomed to them, and these uncomfortable side effects should diminish.

If they do not, then your dentures do not fit correctly, and you will need to have them adjusted. Eating and speaking will feel different and will require practice. It is a good idea to start with soft foods and then gradually add harder foods into your diet. For some patients, this transition can take a month, for other it can take longer.

Book Your Appointment for Dentures in Boise, ID

We offer a full range of comprehensive restorative dentistry services under one roof. If needed, we can perform a tooth extraction in our Boise, ID, dental office before beginning the denture process. Our team can create a comprehensive treatment plan that is right for you.

We create a denture for each patient to meet their unique needs. Drs. Garpetti and Hyder work closely with patients to create a denture that resembles their natural smile.