Dental Anxiety Boise, ID

Too often we hear that patients have avoided routine dental checkups due to dental anxiety. If you fear the dentist, you are not alone. LIFESmiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can help you manage your anxiety so you can receive the dental care you need and deserve.

dental anxiety overcoming fear of the dentist sedation dentistry boise id

We emphasize the importance of our patient’s comfort. We help anxious patients overcome anxiety by providing informative education on dental concerns and any necessary procedures in a comfortable, welcoming environment. We believe that empowering our patients with knowledge about their own dental health can help them feel more comfortable when visiting the dentist.

Our dental care team is highly skilled, specially trained, and have a passion for providing exceptional patient care. Our dentists participate in continuing education courses and offer the latest and least invasive treatment options possible. Our compassionate dental hygenists have a gentle hand and treat each patient with respect. We talk patients through exams and cleanings so that they understand their procedure.

Avoiding routine dental checkups often leads to an overall deterioration in the patient’s oral health. Minor dental concerns can develop into complex issues when left untreated. Routine dental exams help your dentist identify any developing issues allowing for early intervention and treatment.  Patients who regularly visit the dentist have lower rates of tooth decay and gum disease.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry helps patients with dental anxiety feel at ease while visiting the dentist. LIFESmiles offers oral conscious sedation and IV sedation in Boise, ID. Your dentist will discuss your sedation options with your prior to your scheduled treatment. Medical history, necessary treatments, and the patient’s personal needs will all be considered when choosing an appropriate sedation method.

  • IV Sedation: IV sedation is administered into your bloodstream through an IV. This type of sedation takes effect immediately allowing the patient to rest comfortably during their dental procedure. IV sedation is strictly controlled and patients are closely monitored. Patients will require a companion to drive them home from their dental procedure as IV sedation can take several hours to fully wear off.
  • Oral Sedation: Oral sedation is administered in a pill form. Patients will take the pill several hours before their scheduled procedure. Patients will feel completely relaxed but will remain alert and responsive. Patients will require a companion to drive them to and from their appointment.