Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

Wisdom teeth removal boise idWhile our goal is always to preserve your natural smile, some teeth cause more harm than good by remaining in your mouth. At LIFESmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide safe and comfortable tooth extractions for patients suffering from extreme dental damages or decay. We also provide tooth extractions for patients in need of wisdom teeth removal services.  Following your tooth extraction, here are our best tips for ensuring proper healing and recovery:

Get Lots Of Rest

Many patients will utilize sedation dentistry solutions to keep themselves calm and comfortable for the duration of their tooth extraction. If you will be put to sleep for your extraction, a trusted friend should come along to the appointment with you to ensure someone can safely drive you home afterward. You should expect to feel tired following the procedure. Additionally, the numbing will not wear off for several hours, meaning you should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery for the rest of the day following your extraction. Plan on also taking it easy for the first few days as your extraction site begins to heal. This is a great time to read a new book or start a new series on Netflix.

Eat Soft Foods

For the first few days following a tooth extraction, a soft diet is recommended. Foods like yogurt, mashed potatoes, and soups are encouraged to prevent any irritation to the extraction site. Once a clot forms over your extraction safe, this will allow more solid foods to be incorperated into your diet. The goal is to protect the extraction site while is forms a protective blood clot during its early healing stages. Avoiding excessively crunchy or chewy foods for the first week will prevent good residue from getting caught in the extraction site or disturbing the blood clot before it is fully formed.

Oral Hygiene Importance

Following your tooth extraction, you should take extra care of your oral hygiene to promote fast healing and prevent infection or complication. Take any medications as prescribed, and ensure you are drinking a lot of water. Rinsing your mouth out with a homemade saltwater solution will keep the extraction site clean following any meals. Patients should resume their regular brushing and flossing habits the day after their tooth extraction procedure. However, you will need to be extra gentle around the extraction site. If you have any concerns following your extraction, please contact our office immediately. We are here to help you through the tooth extraction process every step of the way until you are fully healed.

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