Why People Choose Dental Implants

Dental implants can be a bit pricey, but there’s a reason people choose them as their replacement for missing teeth. There are a ton of benefits that come with dental implants that you don’t get with other tooth replacement options. Dr. Dennis Garpetti, of LifeSmiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, tells you why you should get dental implants in their Boise, ID office.dental implants in boise, idaho

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is made up of three different parts. The titanium post is what’s considered the actual implant. That’s placed in the jawbone to anchor your final restoration. The abutment then goes on top of the post. This is what connects the final restoration. Last, the final restoration usually consists of a dental crown, implant-supported bridge, or implant-supported denture. This will be secured via the abutment, leading to a stable, solid dental restoration.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants provide benefits that other tooth replacement options don’t have. One of the biggest benefits is that they spurn bone regeneration in your jaw. Missing teeth can lead to bone loss and facial sagging in the area where the tooth is missing. With dental implants and bone regeneration, you can help avoid those symptoms.

Dental implants are also one of the most stable forms of tooth replacement. Even if you’re getting a bridge or a denture, those are far more stable with the implants than they would be if they were done with traditional methods. This is the only restoration that replaces the entire tooth structure, including the root. That’s what leads to having extra stability.

With implants, you don’t have to worry about any slippage or your restoration falling out when you’re talking or eating. You don’t have any dietary restrictions like you might with traditional dentures. With the stability the implant provides, you’re free to eat whatever you please.

Implants offer one of the most natural-looking and feeling restorations as well. Since it replaces the tooth root, it’s the closest you can feel to having your natural tooth back. The stability allows you to be comfortable and do all the things you could normally. Your speech and chewing abilities won’t be affected — besides helping it due to replacing a gap in your mouth.

What to Expect From the Dental Implant Process

Since dental implants involve actually placing something in your jaw, it is a longer process. First, you’ll have to have the implantation procedure. Dr. Garpetti will talk to you about your sedation dentistry options. It’s usually performed under local anesthetic or dental sedation, but our office offers a complete offering of sedation dentistry options to make sure you’re comfortable.

Once the posts are implanted in your jaw, it will take about three to six months for the bones to fully fuse with them. This healing period is necessary to make sure they’re stable and can support your final restoration. Depending on where your missing tooth or teeth are located, you may get a temporary restoration during healing. After healing both the bone and soft tissue, the abutment will be fitted and placed. Then, the dentist can attach the final restoration.

Dental Implants in Boise, Idaho

At LifeSmiles, we can take care of the entire dental implant process right in our office. While some practices have to utilize outside oral surgeons, we perform everything in-house. If you think dental implants are the right choice for you, call us today or schedule an appointment online!