Keep Your Smile Healthy This Halloween

With Halloween approaching, it’s time to prepare for parties and trick-or-treating. Halloween is synonymous with candy and sweet treats. While you know the health effects of too much sugar, you may not know how much sugar can damage the teeth and gums. Changing your habits and eating in moderation can prevent problems like dental cavities and tooth wear. As your dentist in Boise, ID, we want to help you be prepared for Halloween and prevent oral health problems from too much sugar this Halloween season.

Keep Your Smile Healthy This Halloween

Halloween Oral Health Tips from Your Dentist in Boise, ID

Follow these tips to keep your dental health on track this season:

Remember to Drink Water

Drinking enough water is good for your overall health and your oral health. Water facilitates saliva production and combats problems like dry mouth.¬†Be aware of acidic or sugary juices and alcoholic drinks. Sugar can hide in drinks and coat the teeth and gums. Drinking too many acidic beverages can wear down your natural tooth enamel or the outer layer of your tooth. If you’re enjoying food and beverages this Halloween, make sure you also drink water.

Avoid Hard and Sticky Candies

Hard candies can potentially chip or crack your tooth. Biting down on a hard candy can also wear your teeth down over time. Avoiding hard foods and candies on Halloween if you have a TMJ disorder is particularly important. Hard foods can be a trigger for TMJ symptoms. You can experience jaw clicking, popping, and other painful symptoms like teeth clenching and grinding when you eat hard foods.

Sticky candies like caramel can stay between teeth and be difficult to remove. If you wear braces, you want to avoid hard and sticky candies, which can get stuck between your wires and brackets. Chocolate candy may be a better bet than lollipops or caramels.

Brush and Floss

Your mouth contains bacteria that help strengthen your teeth and gums. However, harmful bacteria are attracted to sugar left in the mouth. These bacteria feed on sugars and create digestive acids that break down the tooth enamel, creating cavities. Bacteria can also infect the gums, leading to bleeding, irritated, and receding gum tissue. A good oral hygiene routine is crucial in fighting harmful bacteria.

Brushing twice daily and in a circular motion removes plaque from the teeth. Although you may not realize it, flossing is as important as brushing your teeth. Flossing removes food debris, leftover candy included, from between your teeth and gums.

Schedule Routine Dental Visits

Has it been a while since your last dental cleaning? We recommend visiting for a professional dental cleaning twice yearly or every six months. Make sure you’re in good oral health this Halloween.

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