LIFESmiles Volunteers For The AMEN Free Clinic in Boise, ID

From September 12th, 2018 to September 14, 2018, AMEN is holding their second annual free clinic in Boise, ID. As we did last year, LIFESmiles will be volunteering at this year’s AMEN free clinic on September 14, 2018.  Our team at LIFESmiles believes volunteering is a great way to help patients in our local community receive the dental care they need. The AMEN free clinic is one of our many humanitarian volunteer opportunities that our doctors and staff participate in throughout the year.

What Is The AMEN Clinic?

The AMEN free clinic brings together experienced volunteers from all different backgrounds to help thousands of people receive much-needed care. AMEN offer patients free medical, dental, and vision services free of cost. At the AMEN free clinic, everyone is entitled to service. Services are on a first come, first serve basis.

What Services Will Be Available At The AMEN Clinic?

Dental, vision, medical, and education services will be offered at the AMEN free clinic. Patients will have the option to choose from dental & medical or vision & medical, but not dental and vision on the same day.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment For AMEN Clinic?

Since patients are seen on a first come, first serve basis, there is no need to schedule appointments. Patients will receive colored wristbands which will grant them entrance into the clinic.

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