Achieve The Smile Of Your Dreams With ClearCorrect Aligners

Do you suffer from crooked or uneven teeth? If so, LIFESmiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers a great solution to give you the smile of your dreams! We offer ClearCorrect Invisible aligners that are the perfect alternative to traditional metal braces. ClearCorrect offers several benefits and advantages over traditional metal braces.

ClearCorrect Benefits

  • Nearly Invisible
    • ClearCorrect aligners are clear, which means they are nearly invisible. So invisible that your closest family and friends will most likely not even realize that you are going through treatment to repair your crooked teeth.
  • Continue To Eat The Foods That You Love
    • Unlike traditional braces, ClearCorrect aligners are removable which means that you can simply take the aligners out before you eat. Traditional braces will restrict you from eating certain foods that you enjoy. Also, you will not have to worry about your favorite foods getting stuck in your braces.
  • Cleanliness
    • Since you can remove your ClearCorrect aligners before you eat, that means no stuck or hard to clean traditional braces. Simply remove your aligners before you eat, clean your teeth, and your aligners, and put them back in. This will help prevent other dental issues such as tooth decay and cavities.
  • Treatment Time
    • On average, most patients only need to wear ClearCorrect aligners for a few months compared to years with traditional braces. Of course, each patient is different and the length of time that you will be required to wear your ClearCorrect aligners will depend on the severity of your crooked teeth. However, it will be less time than traditional braces.
  • Risk Of Injury
    • Again, ClearCorrect aligners are removable which means that you can remove them during activities such as playing sports or musical instruments. Traditional braces are not removable and will increase the risk of injury to the inside of your mouth in case of injury during sports such as a ball hitting you in the face cause cuts to the inside of your mouth. ClearCorrect aligners do not have any metal or sharp edges, essentially eliminating an unnecessary risk of injury to your mouth.


The Choice Is Clear


ClearCorrect aligners are a much better option than traditional braces. It is also important to know that ClearCorrect aligners are made in America right at their headquarters in Round Rock, TX.




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